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Liam Moran
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Liam Moran

Dec 16 2011
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Here is a request from friends of Kevin Reynolds.

They are going to be visiting Ireland in August and are looking for some accommodation as outlined in their letter below.

If any of you can help contact directly by email as below:

Dear fellow wingers,

We are Mireille and Philippe from France, riding on Goldwing since 1990 & travelling around Europe to discover different countries, people and culture. We decided to travel through Ireland for the first time this summer and taking a walk on the west coast (Connemara, ring of Kerry, Dingle peninsula etc, before and after the Irish treffen.

Here is my offer on the direct thread of my conception of the GWEF spirit. If you have at home a vacant bed (no need to prepare, we have our sleepy bags), a warm shower and a place to park a Goldwing and his trailer for 1 night, then we will prepare a nice dinner for you.

First of all, before we arrive, we need to exchange for us to know what you like and what you do not like to eat and drink. Then, l will buy fresh products and we have everything else on the trailer (my wife use to say I am a naughty winger with all this space on the trailer occupied by pans, bottles, mixed herbs etc instead of their pair of shoes !). I just need to use your kitchen. This will permit to us to be near of the sites we choose to visit, for you to have a nice free meal at home prepared by a French cooker (it is not my job, just a hobby), and for us to share a nice evening together. We will arrive at Rosslare harbour Thursday 11 of August at 15:30 and we will return from Rosslare Thursday 26 of August at 20:30. For a first contact, you can send us an email at :

Pleased to share these friendly moments with you.

The first 5 days after the weekend are always the hardest....
Visitors from France
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