1st posting of 2016 GWEF treffen season (Belgium, France)
Thu Mar 17 2016 05:18 PM
kevin reynolds
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kevin reynolds

Dec 06 2011
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As usual the treffen season will start off in Belgium at the end of April, followed by the French treffen.<br />Pre-registration is available for both treffens.<br /><br />For pre-registration for the International Treffen in Libramont 2016, a discount of € 5.00 on the subscription price and € 2.00 on the price of a Tshirt.<br />These discounts are already deducted on the online registration form.<br />The regular subscription price at the treffen site is for GWEF membership costs € 40.00 and a T-shirt € 10.00.<br />So you have at least € 7.00 advantage if you use it for online registration. <br /><br />Pre-registration is available for the French treffen:<br />Followthis link http://fgwcf.org/rub/page.asp?IdMenu=82#LeHaut<br />

1st posting of 2016 GWEF treffen season (Belgium, France)
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