Advanced Bike test
Sun Dec 15 2013 02:24 PM
Ruairi Byrne
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Ruairi Byrne

Dec 16 2011
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well I guess like many of us with many years in the saddle we might think we are safe enough. So last Christmas I promised my self that by 2013 Xams I would have begged the RoSPA adv Bike test. so a short while ago I did just that.

had three session of advance rider assessment with Ger McCarthy and then went to develop a range of skills and abilities. with particular attention to Hazard Perception. Then in November I went to Templemore and Senior Garda examiner John Keating, who explained exactly what was expected and then put me through my paces. I am pleased to say passed with confidence but would not have without the training that's a given. Great news joined the prestigious RoSPA Advance rider register and a member of

as added bonus Carole Nash insurance discounted my premium because of the "reduce risk" with RoSPA riders

Ruairi have a go see the web site

Advanced Bike test
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