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Tue Dec 20 2011 03:16 PM
ciaran meyler
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ciaran meyler

Dec 12 2011
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Anybody who is a paid up member of the Goldwing Owners Club of Ireland and wants access to the members forum will have to register with their correct name .ie  Tom Burke ..not tomburke, or tomincork,or cork tom,or tomcat etc etc ,, it needs to be your correct name ,,and then we will move you into the members area

One other thing ,if you can fill in your location in your profile ,that way we know where all our members are located,it has often been the case in the past that 2 members live near each other and one never knew the other existed (maybe that could be a good thng too ):smile: seriously it could be very helpful to have your location in your profile ,,

 thank you all ...

Please renew your membership before the end of March as that is the cut of point .

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